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Terminal makers continue to meet market demand

Terminal terminal manufacturers continue to develop new technologies in order to increase their core competitiveness and adapt to market application needs. Facing the fierce competition in the terminal terminal market, continuous improvement can only be obtained by customers.
At present, electronic products are becoming more and more powerful and comprehensive, and they have put forward higher and more diverse requirements for connectors. For example, the transmission rate of electronic equipment is getting higher and higher. In order to meet the transmission and exchange of large traffic data, The connector puts forward requirements for high-speed transmission and digital transmission. However, in order to save equipment space and reduce equipment volume, more and more signals, such as microwave signals, optical signals, high-voltage signals, and power signals, need to be integrated into the same connector, and each signal can be transmitted independently and mutually. No interference, which determines that the development trend of connector signal transmission integration will become more and more obvious.
The market's need for connector concentration and miniaturization has promoted terminal terminal technology innovation. Semiconductor chip technology is becoming a technological driving force for the development of connectors in various levels of interconnection. For example, with the 0.5mm pitch chip package rapidly developing to 0.25mm pitch, the level I interconnect (inside the IC device) and the level II interconnect (device) The number of device pins is from hundreds to thousands of lines. Press-fit contact technology is commonly used in cylindrical slotted jacks, flexible stranded wire pins, and hyperboloid wire spring jack connectors, which greatly improves the reliability of the connector and ensures high fidelity of signal transmission.
The terminal technology makes the connector a new connector product, that is, a push-in connector, which is mainly used for system-level interconnection. Its biggest advantage is that it does not require cables, it is easy to install and remove, it is easy to replace on site, and the mating speed Fast, smooth and stable separation, good high frequency characteristics can be obtained, suitable for spacecraft. Connector assembly technology is developing from plug-in mounting technology to surface-mount technology, and the future trend is to develop micro-assembly technology. The use of micro-electromechanical systems will be the driving force to improve connector technology and cost performance.
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