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Material types of electronic connectors

The selection of materials is based on a comprehensive consideration of process moldability, product applicability, and strength properties; the cost of electronic connectors varies depending on the price of the material, the ease of processing, and the efficiency of production; the materials of electronic connectors mainly include Insulator materials (plastic materials), conductor materials (phosphor copper, brass); engineering plastic materials commonly used in electronic connectors are: LCP, NYLON, PBT.
It has a small coefficient of linear expansion, low shrinkage in injection molding, very outstanding strength and elastic modulus, and excellent heat resistance. It has a high load deformation temperature, some can be as high as 340 degrees and above. LCP also has chemical resistance and air tightness. Excellent performance, so LCP materials are preferred for general connectors that require SMT.
Low cost, high tensile strength, outstanding abrasion resistance and self-slippage, good fluidity, which is good for thin-wall molding, but it has severe shrinkage and easy to produce hairs. It is necessary to strictly bake before molding to prevent Hydrolysis occurs, and most connectors, especially DIP, are mostly made of NYLON materials.
低 Low cost, high strength, friction resistance, but poor formability and severe shrinkage. Due to the low melting temperature, plastic melting will occur during wave soldering.
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