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USB Type-C Features

USB Type-C has the following characteristics:
1. The maximum data transmission speed reaches 10Gbit / s, which is also the standard of USB 3.1;
2.Type-C interface socket size is about 8.3mm × 2.5mm slim design;
3. Supports the function of "positive and reverse plugging", which can be inserted from both sides, and can withstand repeated insertion and removal of 10,000 times
4. The standard specification cable equipped with Type-C connector can pass 3A current, and also supports "USB PD" which exceeds the current USB power supply capability, and can provide a maximum of 100W of power.
Appearance characteristics:
1. The ultra-thin and thinner body requires thinner ports, which is one of the reasons why USB-C was born. The USB-C port is 0.83 cm long and 0.26 cm wide. The old USB port is 1.4 cm long and 0.65 cm wide. This also means that the end of the USB-C data cable will be one-third the size of a standard USB-A data cable plug.
2. No pros and cons
Like Apple's Lightning interface, the front and back of the USB-C port are the same. In other words, no matter how you insert this port, it is correct. Users do not have to worry about the pros and cons of traditional USB ports.
The main function:
1. fast
Theoretically, the maximum transfer rate of the USB-C port is 10Gb per second. But Apple says the new MacBook's USB-C port has a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps. The maximum output voltage is 20 volts, which can speed up the charging time. The USB-A type has a limit transmission rate of 5Gbps and an output voltage of 5 volts. [3]
The USB-C port of the new MacBook can transfer data, charge, and connect to external display devices as a video output port. The only question is how Apple can satisfy users who want to do all three of these things at the same time.
3. two way
Unlike the old USB port, power can only be transmitted in one direction. The power transmission of the USB-C port is bidirectional, which means that it can have two ways to send power. Therefore, users can not only use laptops to charge mobile devices, but also use other devices or mobile power sources to charge laptops.
4. Backward compatible
USB-C is compatible with the old USB standard, but users need to purchase additional adapters to complete the compatibility. Apple said that not only does Apple officially sell adapters, third-party companies can also authorize production.
The main promoters of the USB-C interface standard include major international companies such as Apple, Intel, Google, Microsoft, and Luxion Precision.
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USB Type-C Features

USB Type-C Features

USB Type-C has the following characteristics:1. The maximum data transmission speed reaches 10Gbit / s, which is also the standard of USB 3.1;2.Type-C..


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