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Touch switch definition

Tact switch is an electronic switch that can be turned on by lightly pressing the switch button when in use. When the hand is released, the switch is turned off. The internal structure of the switch is turned on and off by the force of a metal spring sheet.
Tact switches are widely used in home appliances due to their small size and light weight, such as: audio and video products, digital products, remote controls, communication products, household appliances, security products, toys, computer products, fitness equipment, medical equipment, banknote detection Pen, laser pen buttons, and more. But the touch switch also has its shortcomings. Frequent pressing will make the metal shrapnel fatigue and lose elasticity and fail. Therefore, the buttons of most electrical appliances are now directly replaced by conductive rubber or pot switch hardware shrapnel, such as computer keyboards, remote controls, etc.
About the pin connection of the five-pin tact switch: the two pins are in a group, the four corners are for more stable welding, and the fifth pin is for the ground wire.
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