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TACT Tact Switch Instructions

TACT Tact Switch Instructions
1. General matters
This product is mainly used in common electronic equipment such as automation devices, video devices, household appliances, information devices and communication devices; if the product is to be used in other durable equipment with higher safety and reliability (such as life support Equipment, aerospace equipment, disaster prevention and safety equipment), please confirm whether it is compatible, or contact us for details.
2. Welding installation
(1) If a force is applied to the terminal part during soldering, the terminal may be deformed and poor electrical performance may occur.
(2) The soldering conditions should be confirmed according to the actual corresponding conditions.
(3) After the welding process is completed, do not try to clean the switch with solvents or similar items
(4) After the switch is welded, if there is still heat, please do not operate the switch immediately.
(5) If the water-soluble flux is used, the switch may be damaged, so make sure not to use this flux.
(6) The number of manual correction welding should be less than 2 times. At this time, the interval between the first time and the second time should be less than 5 minutes.
(7) Please note that the foaming flux should not be allowed to contact the printed circuit board on the switch mounting side. If there is foaming flux on the substrate, it may enter the switch and cause poor conduction.
(8) When the surface-mounted switch is soldered in a reflow soldering tank, solder slag and flux can easily enter and cause the push-button switch to malfunction, so it should be avoided.
3. Installation structure, mechanical design
(1) The dimensions of the mounting holes on the circuit board and the installation diagrams must refer to the dimensions recommended in the engineering drawings.
(2) If a large gravity exceeding the specified value is applied to the switch, it will cause damage to the switch and deformation of the internal shrapnel, which will cause poor operation and affect the performance of the switch. Therefore, special care should be taken to prevent the switch from being subjected to large values ​​exceeding the specified value. gravity.
(3) When using our products with other products, please confirm the specifications, laws or regulations that must be suitable for customers. Customers are also asked to confirm the applicability of our products to the systems, machines, and devices used by customers. If you want to change the switch use conditions, please consult with us in advance.
Note: Press the direction setting switch in which the operating body can operate in the vertical direction. Operation by pressing only one side of the operating body or obliquely may result in reduced durability
(4) Since the switch is not sealed, do not use it in a place with fire dust. If you have to use it, you should consider using protective measures such as coverings.
4. Use environment
(1) If the product is often used in the vicinity of a vulcanization heat source or in the presence of exhaust gas, special attention should be paid because the switch terminals may be oxidized and discolored, and performance may be affected.
(2) If there are component materials described below in the module where the switch is installed, the following requirements must be followed:
① Do not use materials that may generate sulfur gas or oxidizing gas for parts, rubber materials, adhesives, packaging materials, and lubricants used on the mechanical parts of the device.
② When phosphorus rubber, lubricating oil, adhesives, and grease are used, materials that do not generate low-molecular-weight phosphorus-oxygen gas should be used, because low-molecular-weight phosphoxane gas will form a phosphorus dioxide layer at the switch contact area and cause contact. Defective, if it is useful (such as chemical solvents such as coating agents), please inform us in advance.
(3) Do not use the switch in an environment with high humidity or wet possibility, because such an environment may cause current leakage between the terminals and ultimately affect the conduction performance.
(4) Impact of external immersion:
Since the switch has no sealing mechanism, it may cause contact failure due to dust immersed in the external environment. When using the switch, dust prevention measures should be taken. The following are examples of dust intrusion. Please use caution when using.
① During the processing, debris is generated at the cutouts and PCB holes, or waste generated from PCB protective materials, such as (newspaper, foam, polystyrene materials, etc.) immersed in the switch.
② Flux or powdered flux generated when PCBs are stacked is immersed in the switch.
5. Save method
(1) In order to prevent the performance of this product from being deteriorated, and its soldering resistance and oxidation resistance are affected, please keep it under the following conditions and environment:
① Soil environment with temperature above -10 ℃, below + 40 ℃, and humidity below 85%, don't be in high temperature and high humidity environment.
② Avoid storing in air containing corrosive gas.
③ After the product is purchased, it cannot be kept for more than 6 months.
④ Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
(2) Store in a packaging state without external load.
(3) The storage standard is one month, and the limit is less than three months. Please use it as soon as possible. After opening the package, if there is any remaining product, the remaining part should be packed in a plastic bag to isolate it from the outside. Please store it with appropriate moisture-proof and anti-corrosive gas treatment.
Please pay special attention to the following prohibitions and precautions:
(1) Prohibited matters concerning fire and smoking
① Fire may occur if it is used in excess of the rated load, so please do not overload it. If there is a possibility of misuse or abnormal use exceeding the rated current, take measures. Such as: cut off the current by setting a protection circuit.
② The non-metallic material used in this product has a flame resistance rating based on the UL94 judgment standard. If a 94HB material is used, it is forbidden to use it in places where spreading combustion is likely to occur or take measures to prevent it.
(2) Attentions for the pursuit of safety products:
① We are fully committed to product quality, but there may be failure forms such as service life, such as performance degradation, short circuit, and normally open. Therefore, when designing a product that pursues safety: "What will happen to the product for a single failure of the part?" Please review beforehand.
② Prepare systems for protection circuits and protection devices for safety.
③ Prepare a safety backup circuit so that a single failure will not cause the failure of the overall system to ensure safety.


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